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Oliver Amelia Charlotte among the most popular baby names in

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The most popular names given to babies last year have been revealed with some big surprises and newcomers.

The most popular baby names in Australia have been revealed with several big surprises, state-by-state government data can reveal.

Oliver is the most common boys name, while states varied between Amelia and Charlotte as the top name for girls.

It was no surprise Oliver was the most common name given to baby boys, the seventh year in a row that has happened.

According to data from the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, the name Oliver was used for 637 babies.

However, a big surprise came for girls, with Amelia receiving the most (514) registrations for the first time.

Amelia was fourth in 2019 but last year overtook Charlotte, which had been the top girls name for the previous three years.

Rounding out the top five for boys were Noah (593), William (478), Leo (420) and Lucas (409).

For girls, the top five included Charlotte (476), Olivia (46), Mia (420) and Isla (420).

Meanwhile, Axel made its way into the top 100 names in NSW for boys coming in at No 87 after 103 babies took that name.

Hallie also snuck into the top 100, the 70th most popular name for girls with 105 registrations.

Unconventional names, including Arlo, Levi and Aria, moved up the list.

Names with biblical or royal family inspiration were evident, with Charlotte, William, Archie, George and Harry all in the top 30.

Charlotte reclaimed its place back at the top of the most popular baby names for girls, while Oliver was the most popular baby name for boys in Queensland for the eighth consecutive year.

Queensland welcomed 525 baby boys named Oliver last year, well clear of the second most popular boy name Noah (383), while 359 baby Charlottes were registered in Queensland, just ahead of Olivia with 320 this is the fifth time in the last six years that Charlotte has led the list of baby girls names, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Shannon Fentiman said,

A full list of Queensland baby names in 2020 can be foundhere.

In Victoria, Oliver took out top spot as the most popular baby boys name for the seventh year running, while Charlotte reclaimed the most popular girls name.

Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes on Monday revealed the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages list of most popular baby names in 2020 a year in which 75,000 babies were born in Victoria.

After Oliver, Noah, William, Jack and Charlie rounded out the top five.

Victoria also welcomed 413 Charlottes in 2020 just 11 more than Amelia in second, followed by Olivia, Mia and Isla.

Archie and Theodore appeared in the top 20 boys names for the first time.

Ella, Grace and Matilda surged into the top 10 for girls.

In the top 100, the fastest mover for boys was River jumping 49 spots up the rankings to 57th.

Rosie climbed 54 spots up the girls list to place 62nd.

The full list of Victorian baby names can be foundhere.

Oliver was also the most popular baby name for boys for the seventh year running in South Australia, while Charlotte was the most popular name for girls.

According to data from the states Consumer and Business Services Office, 247 babies were given one of the two names over 2020.

The names Henry, Leo, Noah and traditional favourite William rounded out the top five for boys.

Olivia, Amelia, Ava and Isla were the other names in the top five most popular girls names.

A full list of South Australias most popular baby names can be foundhere.

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